Linz, Austria


With his unmistakable sound-mix of Jazz- and Swing samples and electronic music, Parov Stelar has secured his own unique position in the world of music. His eagerly awaited fourth album “Coco” was released in autumn 2009. With the live show of the Parov Stelar Band many of the well known tracks from his albums and singles are presented on stage. After his initial record releases, using different aliases as well as his real name, Marcus Füreder foun- ded Etage Noir Recordings in 2003. Since then he has released all music under the moniker Parov Stelar. In 2004 his „KissKiss EP“ and the soon after released album LP „Rough Cuts“ provided his break- through in the international electronic music scene. His uncommon approach to music-production combined with an assured sense of sound-aesthetics led to massive respect from his colleagues and the reputation as the pioneer of a new genre (which Rainer Trüby once called „Minimal Jazz House“) The following albums „Seven and Storm“ and „Shine“, as well as numerous singles and remixes made Parov Stelar one of the most reliable and successful artists of his kind. His tracks have been used in numerous TV-ads and soundtracks, while being licensed to more than 600 compilations. The Parov Stelar Band After starting as a solo artist – not so uncommon in the electronic music scene – and gaining initial success, in 2005 Parov Stelar decided to expand his on-stage music with a full band. This collabo- ration with four musicians noticeably infl uenced his work. Since that time, the Parov Stelar Band has become very popular, captivating both the audience and organizers of many festivals, venues and clubs with the magic and dynamic energy of their live- shows. Locations with a capacity of 3000 people or more - especially in Eastern Europe - are routinely sold out when the band comes to town as headliners. Besides the fact that Parov Stelar enjoys great popularity in Eastern Europe, he also won over crowds in Asian countries such as Russia, Indonesia and South Korea during the last year.


Discography KissKiss Etage Noir Recordings 2004 Move On! Etage Noir Recordings 2004 Primavera Auris Recordings 2004 Rough Cuts (Album) Etage Noir Recordings 2004 Wanna Get Etage Noir Recordings 2004 Get Up On Your Feet Sunshine Enterprises 2004 A Night In Torino Etage Noir Recordings 2005 Faith Etage Noir Recordings 2005 Seven And Storm (Album) Etage Noir Recordings 2005 Spygame Etage Noir Recordings 2005 A Magic Afternoon Etage Noir Recordings 2006 Charleston Butterfl y Etage Noir Recordings 2006 Funky Bastards Etage Noir Recordings 2006 Parov Stelar Big Sur Recordings 2006 Jet Set EP Etage Noir Special 2007 Rock For/Love Etage Noir Recordings 2007 Shine Etage Noir Recordings 2007 Shine (Album) Etage Noir Recordings 2007 Sugar Etage Noir Recordings 2007 Flame Of Fame Etage Noir Recordings 2008 Libella Swing Etage Noir Recordings 2008 Monster EP Etage Noir Recordings 2009 Monster - The Cash Candy Remixes EP Etage Noir Recordings 2009 Coco EP Etage Noir Recordings 2009 Coco (Album) Etage Noir Recordings 2009

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Beate Baumgartner (Vocals),Willie Larsson jr. (Drums),Michael Wittner (Bass),Markus Ecklmayr (Sax),Parov Stelar (Programming)


Club-House, Jazz+Funk, Electro