Belgrade, Serbia


Sinisa Nisevic and Dusan Zivkovic

Sinisa and Dusan have known each other since childhood. They went to the same primary school and started hangin' out when they realized they share the same passion for music. Soon after that, they started playing their keyboards together in annual school assemblies. They have mostly done covers of known songs at the time. Sinisa finished Serbian primary music school 'Mokranjac', instrument: piano, and Dusan attended piano lessons. After some time, they realized they could use their computers to make music, they got Propellerhead's 'Rebirth' and those were their first steps in music production. They were beginning to listen to many various genres of electronic music but their love for piano never stopped and it remains an important instrument in the music they make and listen to, regardless of the music genre. Both of them still listen to various music styles and this is often reflected in their music.

In 2009 they participated in a remix competition hosted by Roll-Records, DJDownload and Goom Radio, they finished in the top 10 and this way their remix got released for Roll-Records.
In 2011 they were one of the winners of Sound Logo competition organized by Share Conference which was held in Belgrade, Serbia. They also won 3rd place in 'Darkwood Dub - Nesto Sasvim Izvesno' remix competition and they attended the Exit Music Conference organized by Exit Festival and Tuborg.

Sinisa Nisevic

In parallel with his growing interest for electronic music, Sinisa developed interest for DJing. For his performance he uses 2 different setups:
1) Technics 1210 turntables / Pioneer DJM800 mixer / Serato Scratch Live
2) Novation TWITCH MIDI controller

In 2009 he won a DJ competition hosted by Serbian festival ForestFest and he also appeared at Exit Festival on MyExit Stage.
In 2010 he attended the Exit Music Conference organized by Exit Festival and Tuborg.
In 2011 his DJ mix was among winner mixes in a competition organized by Share Conference and this way he appeared at the conference on Silent Disco stage.

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Sinisa Nisevic and Dusan Zivkovic


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