Eva Braun - Playback
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Released 31/05/11
Eva Braun
Ten years after their last album "Everest" was released, pop classics of domestic music scene, Eva Braun, are back with a double album "Payback", nineteen new songs, and almost eighty minutes of music. This album has been released under Exit Label, and is available for free download as of today, at Exitmusic.rs. Fans will also be able to buy the album on a CD under Odličan Hrčak label.

According to Toma Grujić, "Playback is a product of this band's second youth. If we take the name literally and play with it a bit, this album presents what has always made us so precious at the scene replayed and re-packed - our immaculate melodies, perfectly compiled songs,a bit of eccentricity and pathetic."

Apart from the original crew, that consists of Milan Glavaški, Ljubomir Rajić, Goran Vasović and Petar Dolinka, there are also Zvonko Stojkov on the third guitar and Goran Obradović from Popcycle on bass guitar.
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