Released 13/06/11
Generacija bez budućnosti
The new album by GBB, Superheroin, apart from the instrumentals, consists of ten singles whose stories build up on each other, developing a tragicomic saga on the absurdness of today, in which generations of young people become generations without future.

t's a story of the childish revolt against the society, where Superheroin is on the verge of abyss. A story about the struggle for one's place under the sun, a dream of the need to rise above the Earth, waking from a nightmare and accepting the world around you, for what it really is."
Aleksandar Reljić

GBB got together in 1990, has worked with a number of breaks, and one whole generation of Novi Sad musicians played in it. They have been back together and performing since May last year. Their comeback performance was at the launch of the book “Novosadska pank verzija” (Novi Sad Version of Punk). Today its members are Robert Bu (vocals), Dušica Stojković (keyboards), Miloš Raskovic (guitar), Aleksandar Reljić (guitar), Marko Vanović (bass) i Goran Đorić (drums).
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