Released 10/05/11
At the end of 2009, single "Podrška je važna" ("Support is Important") announced a new album by Jarboli - "Zabava" ("Entertainment"). It contains 12 songs, and apart from free download, this album lives its material life in a double-vinyl way, thanks to Odličan Hrčak label.

The band Jarboli got together in the early '90s in Belgrade. It was formed by Boris Mladenović, Daniel Kovač, Nemanja Aćimović and Žolt Kovač. The band started their public life in '93, and their first, self-released release, called "Cizmanoga", was put together from live acts. Their first official release, however, was "Dobrodošli" ("Welcome") (B92, 1999). The album that followed was "Suvišna sloboda" ("Excessive Freedom") (B92, 2001). At this point, Jarboli accepted a new member, a famous pianist Sonja Lončar. The releases that followed, EP "Uslovna sloboda" ("Probational Freedom"), a mini live album "Jedan čovek, Jedna rezolucija" ("One Man One Resolution"), and the album "Buđanje proleća", have been released under an independent label Odličan hrčak.
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