Released 24/06/10
"The most blingy Croatian electro bubblegum duo, formerly known as Lollobrigida girls, started their music career 6 years ago as a karaoke attraction with a sexy matrix. Having become bored with carrying their own suitcases, costumes and synthesizers, the girls decided to bring a boy back up in. With "the singing models" (Ida and Petra), in the last couple of years, stage parties have also been made by new "Lolla Collective" members - Shinec (Pips guitarist), and three Slovenian guys (!!!): Kleemar (has his own IDM project Kleemar), David (Sphericube) and Jernej ( ex Psycho-Path).

In one word - VIS Lollobrigida. Louder and more bizarre and more beautiful than ever, this marvelous kinky-pop band will play at your party too. Only if you dare..."

And we do. Time and time again :). "Bivša cura" ("Ex Girlfriend") is the single that announces their second album.
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