Released 16/03/11
Multietnička Atrakcija
The album "Multietnička atrakcija" is the first album by the band of the same name. It's also one of the most widely noticed releases on New Serbian Scene, with which in January this year, the band achieved a successful debut in domestic rock and roll scene.

Multietnička Atrakcija on themselves:

"Multietnička Atrakcija uses music and sounds, the strongest and loudest emotions, as a tool to create and carry across a vivid picture of a filtrated and experienced world! Subliming the contemporary world we live in, Atrakcija label their expression progressive rock and rock and roll. Carefully elaborated and unique performances are surely the biggest Atrakcija's attraction."

Multietnička Atrakcija are Osman Ahmed (drums, vocals) and Demir Ahmetović (bass, back up singer).
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