Released 17/05/11
Nežni Dalibor
"Normalan život" ("A Normal Life") is the second album by Nežni Dalibor that can be downloaded for free on our website. This is also their second release for Exit Label the first one being "Sredstva i Veštine" ("Means and Sills") in 2010.

The tiro that includes Ivica Markovic (guitar and vocals), Ljubomir Vučković (bass and vocals) and Branimir Bogdanović (drums), had their discographic debut at the mixtape "Jutro će promeniti sve?" (PGP RTS, 2007.) with their single "Značajan Događaj" ("An Imporrtant Event"). On September 1, 2008, they released their first album "Sredstva i veštine" under Odličan hrčak label.

In 2010, they recorded their second studio album. "Normalan Život" contains 11 songs, again released under Odličan Hrčak, in March 2011.
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