Released 19/06/09
Obojeni Program

An album by one of the most influential local rock bands - Kosmos u tvom srcu/Igračke se voze levom rukom (Cosmos in your heart / Toys are Driven by the Left Hand), our first real online edition. The album contains 20 songs, five of which are remixes, and what is interesting is that this is a best of, compilation of songs that were played again and now they are actually new songs. It was produced by Boris Mladenović, and the result of his work will come as a surprise to many Obojeni Program listeners and lovers. The new sound was contributed to by Smoking J, who added electronica to the band's live gig (the album was recorded "in the groove"). Obojeni Program gathered in 1980 in Novi Sad, and the first album was released in 1990. They are the only domestic band that appeared in the legendary show from better days MTV "120 Minutes" and which is included in alternative rock Pope John Peel's playlist. With previous, seventh album, the band completed a cycle of their creativity, making the acronyme Novi Sad out of the first letters of their albums. letter of the album. In 29 years, several dozen of people have gone through the band, and the current lineup is the longest-running and the most successful. It consists of Kebra - vocals, Dragan - guitar, Ljuba - bass, Cina - drums, Misha - gruvboks machinery and electronics.

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