Released 14/06/10
Ritam Nereda
"Parallel World" is the tenth album by Novi Sad-based band Ritam Nereda. According to many, this is their best and the most mature release to date. Hard and sharp sound, recognizable choruses, powerful bits and a high-quality production, are some of the things that make this release necessary to have, not only for the fans, but for all guitar sound lovers.

The album was recorded in Belgrade and Ljubljana, by the band consisting of: a guitarist, lead singer, writer and drummer PJ, the bass player Mire and a new guitarist Sale Fris.

With their abundant discography, numerous releases under various labels in the 20 years of their existence, Ritam Nereda have provided themselves with a substantial fan base, and high sales rates for Serbian conditions, being a rare example of a very prolific band. Many of their songs have become major hits, growing into classics - Heroj, Ne, Put Beznada, Crno je sve, Sećanja, 10 godina, Hiljade...
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