Stuttgart Online - Radost svakom domaćinstvu
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Released 24/01/11
Stuttgart Online
The album "Radost svakom domaćinstvu" ("Joy in Every Household") was released in 2009. It was the seventh release for the publication Nova srpska scena (New Serbian Scene) that aimed at presenting a new wave of domestic bands. With 16 new songs, it is a manifesto against the modern society illnesses, and a reaction to the environment we live and move in. With the songs like "Superheroj" ("A Superhero"), "Mlad i gnevan" ("Young and Angry") and "Kompjuter i ja" ("The Computer and Me"), the band members Bojan Slacala i Marko Barisic are trying to break the rot of the civilization flows, and make us re-examine all our opinions.
Stuttgart Online have existed since 2006, and were proclaimed the best new band in 2007 already, by Popboks online magazine, the most influential music publication in Serbia. Their singles brought them a substantial fan base and placed them on all important domestic charts. Apart from the many performances they have had in Serbia and the region, they also played at Exit twice. These gigs are very important in their biography as well as that at ART & MUSIC festival in Pula, 2008 and Trenchtown 2010.
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