Released 25/06/10
"Standard Progressive" is the first album by Trance Balkan Desorganisation.

This band brings together two generations of musicians from Novi Sad: a bit older blues punks and electronic hip-hoppers with the goal to create something new and different. They are: Cina (Obojeni Program) – drums, Špira (ex Hain Teny) - vocals, efx, percussion, Bebec (Boye) - bass, vocals, guitar, Dj Dee (Hain Teny). Miša Romić (Obojeni Program) joins the band occasionally and is in charge of sound.

They manage to be both moderate and progressive, to blend the great amount of electronica and obvious planning of every detail with the rawness of ordinary drum and distorted bass guitar, mixing hip-hop and breakbeat on one, with punk, blues and funk on the other side. The lyrics are moderate but still engaged, functioning to bring the audience up, and their gigs are fierce and rhythmical.
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