Released 23/06/11
After a six-year recording break, band Vrooom and Exit label are giving you Input. The new album was announced by the single "Privremeno stanje" ("Temporary Condition"), that climbed right on the top of all significant charts. There are nine recognizable Vrooom songs on this album, ranging from energetic dance tunes to almost contemplative instrumentals.

he band made this album in their studio, the music and the production was done by Marko Grubic, artwork by Vladan Srdić/Studio 360, and it hosted back-up vocals Marija Mihajlovic and Natalie Frederic, as well as Marko Njezic (guitar in "Cuts").

They are:

Vanja Vukotic - vocals
Marko Grubic - guitar, bass
Aljosa Varga - fretless bass
Nenad Knezevic - accordion
Branislav Potic - drums
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