Released 29/03/11
Žene Kese
ŽeneKese, a Belgrade-based band of five, got together in 2004, and have been actively performing since 2006 ( EXIT, ART & Music Pula, Jelen Fest, Belef, Hangfoglalás Music Review...) Their first official release was a part of a mixtape of Serbian bands called "Zdravozdravozdravo" in 2008. The following year, Zene Kese released their debut album with the same name, that included songs "Hajdemo u disko" ("Let's Go to the Disco"), "Zavijam" ("I Howl"), and "Zamka za Karsona" ("A Trap for Karso"), known from the radio.

The song "Šta bi bilo kada bih ti dao sve sto imam" ("What Would Happen If I Gave You All I Have") was proclaimed the single of the year by Radio B92's Pop Masina , whereas the video for "Bez Tebe" ("Without You") was one of the most noticed when it comes to domestic video production.

"Rado bih te sreo" ("I Would Gladly Meet You") is significantly shorter than its precedent, containing nine songs.
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