Thessaloniki, Greece


Background Noise Suppression band is formed during 2005 in Thessaloniki - Greece by Costas Karantzios (vocals), Elias Panagos (guitar) and George Xenos (drums). Having fellow musicians filling-in for the bassist's post temporarily, the band makes several live performances in Thessaloniki and other greek cities, the most important being the support act for the New Model Army concert in Thessaloniki - April 2006 (and a second New Model Army concert in Thessaloniki again, a few years later).

During the summer of 2006, Johnny Papaioannou (bass) joins Background Noise Suppression as the band's permanent bassist, finalizing the band's musical frame and identity. With the subsequent addition of Lazaros Sitsanidis (keyboards) and Evripidis Papadopoulos (guitar), the band makes numerous live performances in Thessaloniki and major greek cities, as well as some important support acts for New Model Army, The Wedding Present, No Age, Savage Republic etc. Moreover, the band is hosted in various radio and TV interview presentations and live gigs (Rainbow FM89 radio interview and unplugged session, ERA FM958 radio interview and unplugged session in "Diamantia" show, 1055Rock FM radio interview in "Athlioi Gioi" show and radio interview/unplugged session in "YouRock" show, ET3 TV interview in "Oxygono" show and live performance recorded at the Coca Cola Soundwave Festival, ANT1 TV interview and live performance in "Radio Arvyla" show).

Background Noise Suppression's first glimpse of discography is in 2007, when the band's single "Made Out Of Ocean" is included in the RunDevilRun Records' double CD-collection titled "Little people.. Big Noise!!" (RDR006). During 2007-2008, the band makes numerous recording sessions both for an upcoming Depeche Mode fanclub tribute album (with the cover track "Behind The Wheel") as well as the band's debut album (releasing "Nothing" as its first single). As fate had it, nothing was indeed eventually released, for various out-of-band reasons so in 2011 (with Lazaros Sitsanidis having left the band, and several new songs in hand) Background Noise Suppression starts new recordings for a new, independent release. The debut album, titled "Background Noise Suppression" (PETROL001) is finally released in November 2013 in 12" vinyl format, as well as in CD format including older singles "Made Out Of Ocean" and "Nothing" as bonus tracks.

In October 2015, Background Noise Suppression begins preparations and recordings of new songs for an upcoming second album release due out in late 2017. In the meantime, in March 2016 the single "Love Alone" off the band's debut album, is included in Thessaloniki's greatest rock radio 1055Rock "PowerPlay" list, getting extensive airplay and promotion, as well as a place in the station's Top Ten list at number 8 in April 2016.

Background Noise Suppression music is greatly influenced mainly by british and australian alternative/indie/post punk music of the 80s and 90s, in a genre called "Pop Dirt" by the band and fans.


- Little People.. Big Noise!! (CD compilation, single "Made Out Of Ocean", RDR006)
- Background Noise Suppression (2013 vinyl/CD album, PETROL001)
- Dead Memories (working title - recordings in progress, due out in late 2017, PETROL002)

Formed in



Costas Karantzios - vocals
Elias Panagos - guitar
Johnny Papaioannou - bass
Jim Kalaitzis - guitar, keyboards
George Xenos - drums


Alternative Rock, Indie, New Wave