Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina


He comes from Trebinje, but currently lives and studies in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His love towards electronic music started in 2009 when he was only 17 years old. He learnt how to dj all by him self. In 2011, two years later, he had his first performance. He perfomed all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. After three years of dj-ing he found himself in the finals of Heineken competition that was held in Mostar. He was a resident dj at Exit Cocktail bar in Trebinje, as well as the residentdj at Inbox Culture club in Banja Luka. He currently works as a resident dj in new café/bar Kadar. He perfomed at hew big festivals like Fresh Wave festival (Banja Luka), Groove Paradise (Mostar), Eco festival in Slovenia, Imperium Festival (Cazin), Lunar Festival (Zenica) and many more. He shared his dj experience with some of the biggest names in electronic music like Anna, Umek, Alberto Ruiz, Paolo Barbato, Nakadia, Marko Nastic, MladenTomic, SinisaTamamovic, DJ Jock, Damir Hoffman, Prok&Fitch, Federico Molinari, PeroFullhouse, Wise D &Kobe, Alen MIlivojevic, Ilija Djokovic.. His music is based on tech house sound, hard bass lines, variouse melodies I occasional vocals, and his sets are dynamic and full of love that makes you wanna dance. Booking me: tel: +38765/307-708 mail:


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