Novi Sad, Serbia


Formed in 1997. in the small city of Novi Sad (Serbia). They play massacre industrial, pretty crossover based. Released 7 official albums, a lot of v.a. appearances. Their music is dark, angry, machine-driven and demonic. dreDDup likes: Bile, Einsturzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, Borghesia, The Prodigy, Killing Joke... Today, they sound like a crossover of every genre they get in touch with. Currently promoting their new album all over the world...


1998 - Abnormal Waltz (demo) (DeadKnife, Canada)
2004 - Mr Borneads Feast (MoocSound, Holland)
2007 - Future Porn Machine (Insurrection, Serbia)
2009 - El Conquistadors (Beast of Prey, Poland)
2011 - dreDDup (dPulse Recordings, USA)
2012 - Nautilus (Miner Recordings SW, Glory&Honour UK / Labtoy, USA)
2014 - I Dreamt of a Dragon (Lampshade Media, RS)
2016 - DeathOven : Rebels Have No Kings

Formed in



boRA- bubanj
Van Alen - gitara
Inquisitor - vokal / elektronika
RAša - bas gitara


Breakbeat, Industrial, Noise