Nova Gradiška, Croatia


Ivan Gogić aka GOTEX [Equalized, Partijaševo, techNOVAtion] / NG He was born in Nova Gradiška in 1994. As a great fan of all kind of music, he moves with music education from elementary school. As a great fan of electronic music, he has been entering the production world since his age of 16. In the music production he's trying to find his own sound and make it original. For the first time he started DJing in 2014., followed by appearances on the Slavonian underground scene. In Nova Gradiška, a 'techNOVAtion' project has been set up. Gotex also joins the organization 'Partijaševo' in 2017. In the beginning of 2018, he also launched his own project 'Equalized', which promotes tech house / techno music with dark and deep sounds. Performances: Pero Fullhouse, Forest People, Hadji, Drogba, Miche, Lag, F.O.R.M., Fixsell, Xenex, Veztax, Scalameriya, DJ Ogi and others.


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Acid, Minimal, Techno