Zagreb, Croatia


Kidney Gin is a post-rock, modern-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. We are four young students, three studying at STEM universities and one sad soul at humanities, assured that he will earn a living through music. Two of us are cousins, coming from the island Hvar, while the other two are from Zagreb and got closer throughout the four prime years of suffering, a high school. The band got together through mysterious ways of social interactions, and that one who got in through a family connection. Our goal is to make good music, enjoy doing it and to try and be original. So we're influenced by many different genres and bands like, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, and so on. Because, naturally, nothing says original, like copying everyone.


Formed in



Jan Kozumplik Rino Duboković Josip Vlainić Damjan Carev


Alternative Rock, Easy Listening, Indie