Belgrade, Serbia


Milan Acimovic and Teodora Tasic met thanks to Belgrade City Choir (Teodora sings in it, Mika is conducting it). We found mutual interest in creating something fresh and interesting. We exchanged each other's songs and instrumentals and realized that we can create something beautiful and genuine if we work together. The moment of realization happened at a party, we were super hyped up and the next day, we started working on our songs. A few days later, these two demo songs were recorded in Mika's apartment using modest and limited equipment that was found there, but people still seem to like what we made so far very much and want to hear more. We are planning on recording them in a real studio soon, and also making a live video. We don't have much more to say except that we would love to be a part of Exit this year, it would be an amazing experience and motivation for us!


Formed in



Milan Mika Acimovic - musician, played with various artists such as Wikluh Sky, Vasil Hadzimanov, had his own band called Sopot, currently making music with Teodora and conducting Belgrade City Choir Teodora Tasic - singer, songwriter and a member of Belgrade City Choir


Electro, Pop/Funk, World music